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The Anaconda Treasure Hunt at cNFTcon 2022


  • Entire game will take place within the cNFTcon exhibit space
  • Game card must be complete with 12 of the 18 unique words
  • words will be publicly accessible in the hall
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing from qualifying entries
  • Grand prize will be the entire “Treasure Chest Wallet.” Wallet contents will be transferred to winner
  • Grand prize winner must be 18 years old or over
  • Contact information of Grand Prize winner will be verified before conclusion of cNFTcon in the event that a new winner must be chosen
  • Runner-up prizes will be awarded only to participants in attendance
  • Runner-up winners may be any age
  • Winners will be announced at the cNFTcon as well as on the Twitter profile @copperseedsafe
  • Drawing will be held Sunday afternoon, October 9, 2022
  • All participants must have fun


Participants search for secret words written on pieces of copper.
A completed gamecard qualifies for entry in the prize drawing.
Grand prize is a “treasure chest” wallet with prizes each sponsor supplies.
Runner-up prizes will be physical goods supplied by sponsors.

Game mechanics

Sponsor projects put a small copper sign with a secret word somewhere in their booth.
Treasure hunters pick up a gamecard from sponsor and search for secret words at participating booths.
After finding the required number of words, completed gamecards are redeemed at Copper Seed Safe booth (520) and entered into a drawing.
Drawing to be held Sunday afternoon.
1 Grand Prize Treasure Chest (wallet) to the winner. (Does not need to be present)
Several runner-up prizes of physical prizes. (Do need to be present)

draft of gamecard. Actual color. 4×5″ folded. 65# paper


Why Anaconda?
– Named for the famous Anaconda copper mine in Nevada, the name helps differentiate from other treasure hunts at cNFTcon.

Can anyone play?
– Anyone attending cNFTcon can play. Sponsors can not play.

Is there a charge to enter?
– No

Who can sponsor?
– Any project with a presence at cNFTcon can participate as a sponsor. If space allows, any project supporting the Cardano Community will have a chance to sponsor.

What is the prize wallet address?